This post merits a paid subscription for me. And drives the final nail into the coffin of my growing “anti-vax” sentiments. How can anyone fail to understand that this is solved by LIABILITY ...it’s just human nature that removing consequences for one’s actions encourages that very action when it benefits the person! Well done Aaron.

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Thank you for this thorough review of "vaccines".

Bottom line for me at this point: NO "vaccine" can be considered "safe and effective"... full stop.

As I have suspected for a long time already: there is no proof whatsoever that

a) vaccines ended ANY diseases

b) vaccines don't cause endless harms, some more subtle and insidious than others.

If I had children now, they would be raised 100% "vaccine" FREE.

I have ZERO trust left in ...

The Medical Mafia (2002)

~ Ghislaine Lanctôt


Direct link to PDF file:


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Right on. No trust. No benefit. No more injections. I will spend the rest of my life spreading this truth far and wide.

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Thank you for your excellent article. I have been one of fhose guilty of using the term Covid ‘vaccines’. I see where many have been conflating an immune response with immunity.

As a health care professional I have seen vaccine injury primarily with the MMR vaccine given to infants. I am also old enough to remember the Cutter Polio Vaccine of the 1950s in which children died. I have also told people—often falling on deaf ears—that mass vaccination of children with multiple agents has damaged the health of many people.

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Finally, someone deals with the infection/transmission fallacy. Thank you for that, and for all else that you do, Aaron Siri! We can add the measles vaccine to that list, can we not? The 2014 Disney outbreak revealed that a large percentage of vaccinated individuals got the illness despite their supposed 'protection,' and that it may have been the vaccine-derived measles infection that spread through the park. Also, it is well established that those vaccinated against measles in early childhood require boosters later on in life because, despite the original promise that they would provide a lifetime of immunity, that vaccine certainly does not.

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Attorney Siri, I apologize in advance for the long post. It's a complicated subject and difficult to sort out.

Dr. McCullough pointed to a study showing igG4 prevalence after a third jab leading the investigators to conclude people are more "susceptible" to COVID "infection" following the third jab specifically.

My long held clinical observation has been that folks get jabbed and within weeks get sick. I've seen over and over again and it's like clock work. My hypothesis has been these folks aren't "catching COVID" at all, rather they're developing the disease within their own bodies because the mRNA tells them to.

This 👇 study seems to prove my theory.


I put this question to Dr. Micheal Yeadon. Here was his reply.


Thanks for your message and question.

I’m of the same interpretation as you, not only because it’s sufficient to explain the clinical observations, but because there is good evidence that there never was a pandemic of anything, let alone of a novel respiratory virus. Prof Denis Rancourt is the painstaking source of evidence behind this controversial claim.

For some reason people do not like anyone challenging the notion that it was all fear propaganda and not a real pandemic.

Repeated challenge with the same immunogen is the basis of desensitisation therapy for allergy.

Blocking antibody on the one hand reduces Type I hypersensitivity responses. But I don’t think it blocks cell mediated immunity (T-cell) & tissue destruction. It’s the latter that I think is one of the main mechanisms of ultimately fatal delayed type hypersensitivity (Type IV). A deliberately induced autoimmune disorder.

There are other mechanisms of toxicity involving the non natural lipids in the lipid nano particles & also the mRNA nucleosides themselves. I can’t reliably attribute the toxicity to one or another effects, only to say that there’s no chance that these injections are benign and useful & every likelihood that they’ll injure or kill, depending upon dose of mRNA & efficiency with which it’s taken up & expressed, coupled with anatomical deposition patterns & variability in susceptibility.

Hope this helps, albeit incompletely!

Best wishes



His response is still on the substack I used to pose the question and he used to answer it.

Respectfully, I think it's a bioweapon but I suggest, if you haven't already done so, put the question of whether this thing is a vaccine or not to Dr. Yeadon and see what he has to say. I can't think of one person on planet earth I'd trust more with anything related to this issue.

Feel free to include this post of my claim if you communicate with him. I'm sure he'll recall the interaction.

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I have been studying the vaccine issue every day for hours for 12 years. Thank you for this post! You have a beautiful mind and heart and soul. You have pierced thru every veil, every obstacle with the sword of your intellect, propelled by the fire of love in your heart. Much gratitude to your mother, who gave you to us and your wife who supports you in this extremely important work. I've just gladly subscribed. This article is a shining GEM!

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Aaron, your subscriber Stevec1776, raises noteworthy issues. First, I recall a video clip of the Pres. of Bayer stating that marketing studies of how to make the mrna acceptable to the public was to market as a vaccine as opposed to what it actually was: gene gene therapy would have been rejected by the public. As a breast cancer survivor, targeted gene therapy was used during my treatment (Herceptin). It was not an injectable. Is the mrna called a vaccine only because it is an injectable?

What is the recall standard of a failed vaccine? 9 deaths? 60? Is it vaccine population correlated? Vaccine injuries? Do one-size fits all vaccines have any recall standards?

To Stevec1776’s point, Sasha Laytypova & Katherine Watt are doing significant investigative research: How the US Gov’t Built a Shadow Structure That Ebabled Covid Vax ‘bioterrorism.’ Is the marketed mrna vaccine a bioweapon? Do other vaccines follow strict manufacturing standards? The mrnas did not.

I fully understand your point, & have been reluctant to call this “thing” a vaccine, risking “enhancing” those vaccines now imbedded in mindsets and bodies. What bothered me was not the definition, but your confirming my worst fears: the normalization of lies.

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Apparently, there is no limit now to how many deaths are acceptable. The Swine Flu Vaccine of 1976 was stopped after a few dozen desths and hundreds of cases of Guillan-Barre Syndrome.

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Fantastic substack. I learned so much. I will re-read this several times to soak it up. Question: If Pfizer contracted with the DOD to make a vaccine that prevents infection and transmission, if they promised to follow good manufacturing processes, if the vaccines did not follow bona fide research and were known to cause injury, illness and death....if they willfully lied, deceived and hid information from the public, if they colluded with the FDA to hide damming information...at what point is their immunity null and void???

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Historically, for what other words with huge positive connotations did popular opinion turn negative? In Germany and post-communist countries, ideas that were once accepted are now totally rejected. Probably there are other examples, but it's hard to see how conventional wisdom gets overturned without enormous upheaval.

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You nailed it, as per usual. Love your work!

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Thanks for addressing all those points and thanks for all the amazing work you’re doing!

Can you please address the points you didn’t cover that Karen Kingston has presented? These are bioweapons!


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Aaron, who do you go after? What is the best strategy? Has Pfizer with all of their fraud and deception blown their immunity? Do you go after the US Gov, the FDA, the CDC??

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I absolutely agree ~ this is Not just about the Covid vaccine; thank you for sharing this information!

Respectfully offer a few other points of interest related to this topic...

Regarding the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (passed by Congress):

Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death: An Analysis of the VAERS database 1990-2019 and Review of the Medical Literature ~ Neil Z. Miller, Science Direct-Toxicology Reports, 2021


"There are 130 official ways for an infant to die. These official categories of death, sanctioned by WHO and CDC, are published in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). When a baby dies, coroners must choose from among these 130 categories."

"...previous versions of the ICD listed "Prophylactic Inoculation and Vaccination" as a separate cause - of -death category, with subcategories for deaths caused by specific vaccines. However, when the ICD was revised in 1979, and in subsequent updates to the ICD, All Cause - Of - Death Classifications Associated With Vaccination Were Eliminated. Since then, medical certifiers have been unable to list vaccination as an official cause of death because the ICD no longer contains a code for that possibility."

Regarding the rising number of chronic diseases in children:

Multiple Vaccinations and the Enigma of Vaccine Injury ~ Anthony R. Mawson and Ashley M. Croft National Library of Medicine, 2020

excerpt from abstract:

"A growing number of vaccines are administered at the same time or in close succession, increasing the complexity of assessing vaccine safety.....To date, no controlled trials and very few observational studies have determined the impact of vaccination schedules on overall health. The balance of the risks and benefits from mass vaccination therefore remains uncertain...."

"...Recent studies worryingly suggest links between multiple vaccinations and increased risks of diverse multi-system health problems, including Allergies, Infections, and Neuropsychiatric or Neurodevelopmental Disorders..."

"...Here, we propose that, in susceptible persons, multiple vaccinations activate the retinoid cascade and trigger Apoptic Hepatitis, leading to cholestatic Liver Dysfunction..."

In 2021 (during the pandemic), the first 6-in-1 vaccine became available in US. This vaccine, Vaxelis (Merck) contains the following viruses: Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Influenza b, and Hepatitis B.

This is a 3 dose series, given to children between 6 month and 4 years of age. This is an intramuscular injection. An additional dose of pertussis vaccine is needed to complete the series.

"This combination vaccine may simplify execution and reduce shots needed." ~ Merck

It's also more convenient and cost effective for Merck

One final thing to consider...

Pregnant Women are Strongly Encouraged to take Flu, Tdap, and Covid vaccines.

"...cross the placenta and help protect their babies.." ~ CDC

According to childhood vaccine schedule, babies are get DtaP jab at 2 months, and Flu jab at 6 months, and Covid jab at 6 months. This would actually be their second dose; they received their first dose before they were even born.

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I have posted the following elsewhere... and repeatedly... and will likely continue to do so until I die... Please take what you like, and leave the rest...



"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

~ Krishnamurti


"We are faced with a breakdown of general social order and human values that threatens stability [and survival] throughout the world. Existing knowledge cannot meet this challenge. Something much deeper is needed, a completely new approach. I am suggesting that the very means by which we try to solve our problems is the problem. The source of our problems is within the structure of thought itself."

~ David Bohm (1981)


NOTHING will change fundamentally, until we fundamentally change the way we perceive and treat children. Until then, we will continue to see childhood adversity re-enacted upon EVERY aspect of society.

Furthermore, #childhood #adversity more often than not consists of imposing utterly INSANE societal standards of "normalcy" on children, to which they MUST conform, in order to survive, at a time when they are too young to understand and reject the madness being imposed on them.

The "masses" are essentially clueless and unaware of their own conditioning...


Aware Parenting website:

"It is paradoxical, yet true:

Children are the most

in need of loving attention,

when they act the least deserving of it."

~ Aletha Solter



“The total neglect or trivialization of the childhood factor operative in the context of violence and the way it evolves in early infancy sometimes leads to explanations that are not only unconvincing and abortive but actively deflect attention away from the genuine roots of violence."

~ Alice Miller

Full article 👇🏼




"What kind of a society is it, that does NOT place the Children's Fire at the very centre of its institutions of power?

It's an INSANE society!"

~ Tim "Mac" Macartney


Please Watch this Video presentation:




Why males are more violent:




Eric Clopper and Dr Denniston ... #circumcision




Dissolving my vaxxed illusions:




The Medical Mafia (2002)

~ Ghislaine Lanctôt



Direct link to PDF file:


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Hello Aaron.

1. Is the Johnson vaccine resulting in the same outcome as the other vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna)…cells instructed to indefinitely make synthetic spike protein? Friends argue Janssen is not an mRNA vaccine. I believe it is.

2. Re potential shedding…does shedding just temporarily bombard the victim w spike protein? Or does it cause the victim’s cells to start creating synthetic spike protein as well?

3. Is there any more recent evidence regarding gene modification? The studies done thus far seem to focus only on Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Where is Janssen in this discussion? Re #1.

Thank you.

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