I am injured by the Moderna. I had both doses. 22 doctors and 4 hospital admissions later, I’ve been diagnosed with Guillain barre, pots, pericarditis, gastroparesis and now a pineal cyst, cerebral inflammation and more. I’m suffering daily. My Vaers report has not been updated despite me sending them the information half a dozen times. I was gaslit, bullied, threatened by the hospital. It’s disgusting. I’m glad some doctors are speaking up.

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Unfortunately, most doctors are NOT telling public health authorities there's a problem. They're going along to get along. It's their business model. Dr McCollough estimates 10% are interested in bucking the trend. We wouldn't have gotten to the point of demanding proven failed vax, and prohibiting proven effective therapies, without collusion by the entire medical industry and the entire press. A few doctors and journalists speak up from time to time and are immediately banished. That will persist until the public learns the exiles are usually right and censors usually wrong.

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Thank you so much for this Aaron.

Your writing is an example of the pen being mightier than the sword. It has the power of simplicity and you choose the best studies to back up your arguments. Nice choice of the JAMA study on the under reporting of anaphylaxis.

These physicians are so courageous for coming forward and their suffering and that of their patients is heartbreaking to hear. The symptoms they describe fit with the accounts of whistleblower nurses I've listened to (some anonymous.)

Here in Australia, everyone has to have the shots (now 3) or they're shut out of society and in Victoria, AMA president Dr Roderick McRae is quoted as saying the unvaccinated should deny themselves medical treatment.

My husband's workplace just put out an email saying 'vaccine experts' at the TGA have said the boosters are 'safe and effective'. I wonder what data from RCTs they're going on because I don't know of any. Moreover, the experts at the FDA didn't agree based on the data they saw because they voted 16:2 against use in the general population.

I wonder if you could also look into the Covid treatment protocol which some clinicians have referred to, saying it's killing patients: Remdesivr, Dexamethasone and ventilators? I wonder if these treatments are responsible for some of the organ damage (including cardiac) that's been attributed to Covid-19.

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It is time to put physicians who should know better on notice...if you are still part of this pharmaco-vigilante operation, when this thing burns down and the Nuremberg-style trials start, you too will be prosecuted, so the time to come out and testify against what you are seeing is NOW. There is forgiveness for those who repent; and gnashing of teeth for those who do not...

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This is incredibly encouraging and exactly what I predicted would start occurring in “Letter to a Colluder: Stop Enabling Tyranny” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-colluder-stop-enabling)! One brave voice sparks a domino effect until the chorus can no longer be drowned out.

Aaron, thank you for publishing this piece as well as for your good work on behalf of the resistance. The timing is perfect as I reference Patricia’s letter in my upcoming article (aiming to publish tonight) and can now link to this one as well.

I am grateful to have you on our side as we work to unmask totalitarianism and attempt to awaken the sleeping before tyranny triumphs.

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thank you so much for your bravery. All the fake news is turning America into china

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I was forced to take the first two COVID vaccines (they happened to be the Phizer), and I have been dealing with a lot of emotional trauma, depression, increased anxiety, emotional pain, intense shoulder pain, difficulty breathing, even feelings of as if I am going to faint—all of the time, even experienced minor seizures, from time to time. And, my physician said that maybe I wasn’t hydrated enough—and, I even felt constant inflammation throughout my body—yet, I wasn’t admitted to the hospital where I could receive any sort of help, and I know that my physician and parents are going to advise that I take this “booster”, even though I really have been doing research on the “jab” and how bad it is. That’s why I won’t take “the booster” even if my parents later reject me.

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Well my opine is what these agencies have stated.

If you have pre existing conditions consult with your health care professional.

What they don't warn you about is the you may experience an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

As well know people can die from their bodies allergic reaction to peanut butter.

Informed consent is not there.

Full investigation of PEG2000, DSPC must be done.

Very little data exists to none for injected vaccine compounds.

DSPC contains chloroform. Reproductive toxicity cat2

Cancer cat2

Harmful to aquatic life cat3

Must be burned to dispose of.

Most research involves it's toxicity as an inhalant.

No one has come forth to say what the molecule with coding is made from. Likely graphene oxide.

When PEG2000 breaks down and combines with your bodies chemistry. Does any known cytotoxic derivatives form. Nobody knows!

How could an emergency authorization take place when these compounds are being used internally for the first time.

Severe reactions have occurred in the thousands. Yet nobody calls a halt, we really need better studies.

Frustrated that we are dealing with a man made bio terror weapon

Frustrated that the 2 shot vaccine is ineffective, breaks down within a few months, and all evidence points to a destruction of your immune system.

Screwed on both ends

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Maddie de Garay appears in this conference against mandating these shots. The testimonies of people who have been injured are powerful and heartbreaking.


Editor of the BMJ Peter Doshi's testimony struck me the most because he uses such simple logic. He points out that the definition of a 'vaccine' was changed earlier this year and shows the evidence in Merriam Webster. He states the dichotomy between what everyone knows' and what the truth is: 'Everyone knows', for example, that these shots reduce the risk of hospitalisation. The RCTs, however, didn't show that. No one therefore can state this as a fact. Also, if this were a pandemic of the unvaccinated then why is a 3rd shot necessary?

The shots don't prevent transmission or infection. There's no doubt about that. They're a therapy that benefits only the recipient (although that's debatable) and should be thought of as a drug.

Mandating them is therefore insanity.

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Thank you for this article, can I suggest you contact Stew Peters, he has had a number of top doctors, scientists, researchers speak out on his program regarding the vaccine dangers. This is a link https://rumble.com/c/StewPeters

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Thank you, Aaron Siri!

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Praying for all those injured by the jab and for all those who have been jabbed and just not seen or felt the effects yet. For all those who have not taken the jab. May God protect us all, heal the sick and pass judgement on the evil

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These lies are continued in the medical professionals publications. My comments have repeatedly been deleted on medical publication sites that I continue to receive daily emails. I am currently retired so I have the luxury of time to read all of the adverse effects, disability statistics that are intentionally kept out of medical publications. The doctors currently practicing are willfully ignorant or keeping silent to protect their income and careers. If they speak up they are investigated by their respective state licensing boards. This includes all actively licensed health care professionals, including but not limited to physicians, osteopaths, nurses, pharmacists, therapists. It’s a conspiracy of silence. They see the damages, refuse to label them, acknowledge them or report them and in the end label the patient as having a mental disorder. This is double abuse and must cease.

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VAERS is not showing any evidence of problems? More adverse events than all other vaccines put together for the past 30 years is not evidence of problems? Over 17,000 deaths is not evidence of problems? The incredibly high increase in myocarditis and pericarditis in young males is not evidence of problems? And the numbers reflect only those reported to VAERS, which is known to have a reporting rate of somewhere around 1% according to a study done for the CDC--and promptly ignored. The major problem, as I see it, is that the CDC has a major conflict of interest. They are steeped in public policy to "get everyone vaccinated" and they are one of the biggest distributors of vaccines, not to mention they have patents on many vaccines. Get CDC out of the vaccine business and stop the revolving door between Pharma and government agencies, and maybe, just maybe they'll admit the problems with at least the COVID19 "vaccines".

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I wish they were demanding the pulling of the vax, but that's not even on the list of demands. How can you not demand that the jabs be stopped immediately???

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Stay away from the shot, get off being dependent on govt and comply with nothing...

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