What about the Comirnaty bait and switch? They are trying to illegally mandate an EUA product that they’ve intentionally mischaracterized as fully approved.

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Excellent. In watching every FDA meeting I’ve been disturbed at the words being used such as we speculate. My motto this week is if you speculate you can’t mandate. They clearly say this many times. Also it took 6 months for the recognition that a safety signal popped up about myocarditis/pericarditis. They’ve now approved boosters for children saying that the second shot is where the myocarditis seems to be the worst and the third shot has a lower risk of myocarditis. Janet Woodcock and Peter Marks had a you tube video in the last few days put out explaining why they didn’t go through the normal procedure of having the VRPAC analyze the data which breaks with the norms. How can the risks outweigh the benefits when they freely admit to speculation with very limited data to share? The let’s vaccinate and then we’ll watch for safety signals is unacceptable. If it’s you or your child injured it becomes a very big deal even though they don’t see it that way. They frequently refer to the Israeli data when it fits the narrative then pivot and don’t mention it in the next sentence out of their mouths when they didn’t mention that the Israelis are or about to start the 4 th booster. If the vaccine protects then why the need for continued boosters? This accumulation of whatever is in the vaccines has had no long term studies. Also Moderna has stated their vaccine is a gene based therapy and with that comes certain rules like a 5-10 year follow up on the risk for certain cancers. If those in charge of our health can freely use the words they speculate I don’t believe that can lead to mandate. The Sept meeting has over 1.4 million views . These are generally 8 hour meetings and often times tedious and boring but if you watch them you’ll be horrified in some of the things they state. When they won’t even recognize natural or acquired immunity even though studies show it exists then they’ve lied to the public. They reference a study done in Kentucky and leave out the Israeli study that shows people with immunity from prior infection shows up to 27 times greater protection . Basically they cherry pick a study from anywhere that fits their narrative while never mentioning any other credible study. The whole thing stinks of corruption and that while being unsure of protection provided and safety signals yet to be seen the fact they are mandating something to be put in our bodies that can’t be reversed speculation is certainly not reassuring.

I would recommend watching the latest 30 minute video if short on time and if you can watch a few of the 8 hour meetings in which they did vote and the CDC basically overruled them and listen to the questions the voting members had. Highly disturbing . If people heard these they may not be so willing to take an experimental injection. Maybe the vaccine makers need to go back to the drawing board per se and just admit this didn’t work as they thought it would.

Then you have CNN and Sanjay Gupta appearing with Big Bird encouraging children to get a vaccine that they certainly can’t give informed consent for . It seems that is breaking the law because advertising is not allowed of an EUA product let alone taking advantage of children. It’s truly sad in every aspect and dishonest to the public. Ethics seem to be lacking as well as data. It seems the administration has decided to disregard any standards , deviate from the norms and pressure the FDA and when they don’t agree have Rochelle Wolensky step in and call the shots herself. Seems we’ve thrown out any sensibility in this pandemic by censorship and the failure of transparency along with the mainstream media pandering fear porn into the nation.

Thank you for standing up to this bullying without any reason or supportive data to back it up from the CDC . Also Dr. John Su’s presentation is filled with errors . If you tease that out it is apparent the stats he provides are not statistically possible.

Long rant but I sure do appreciate and respect all your hard work in fighting for our freedoms.

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If the Supreme Court doesn't strike down this illegal regulation they will basically plunge the country into a crisis.

Choose wisely, Justices.

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Aaron, I’m sure you already know this, but I wanted to alert your audience to this exciting victory Dr. Malone shared this morning:


“‘Our nation asks the men and women in our military to serve, suffer, and sacrifice. But we do not ask them to lay aside their citizenry and give up the very rights they have sworn to protect.’

“And so the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division has ruled in the case of US Navy Seals vs Joseph R. Biden.”


On another note, I am hoping your audience will join me in recommending Dr. Robert Malone as the next Substack writer-in-residence via this form:


I wrote the following note to my support guy this morning and encourage everyone to add their voices so we create a groundswell they won’t be able to ignore:

Email text below:

[Something] just came up in the comments at another Substacker's post, and I am hoping you can help me get this request to the right person.

Appointing a BigPharma propagandist like Eric Topol as writer-in-residence sent up HUGE red flags for a lot of Substackers who are fighting to present peer-reviewed science, expose MSM disinformation campaigns, and fight the increasingly totalitarian measures being implemented around the world. When Substack made that announcement, *thousands* of people registered their complaints in the comments, but the comments were then turned off and those voices censored. Topol did not permit comments on future posts and refused to debate any issues when challenged by credible scientists. This was a huge blow to the credibility of Substack and its commitment to free speech.

To restore some of that credibility and prove its dedication to free speech and open debate, I highly and emphatically recommend Substack appoint Dr. Robert Malone as its writer-in-residence ASAP. It would be a win-win from every conceivable angle. Substack would be restoring some degree of its tarnished reputation while simultaneously riding the tidal wave of traffic flowing in following Dr. Malone's titanic Joe Rogan appearance, which reached 50 million viewers and has been bringing in a flood of new readers. This, combined with a large portion of the half a million Twitter users who came to Substack after Dr. Malone was cancelled means he has been responsible for bringing potentially millions of new users to your platform. Appointing him writer-in-residence not only demonstrates Substack's integrity but also would encourage even more readers to join Substack as his popularity continues to skyrocket.

The tides are turning toward truth as the BigPharma-funded narrative is disintegrating daily, so Substack would be wise to plant its flag on Team Truth/Reality/Freedom before the full range of MSM-propagated lies and the psychopathic criminality of its BigPharma puppeteers become evident to the public, which is imminent in the wake of the one-two punch of Dr. Peter McCullough + Dr. Malone on Joe Rogan combined with RFK Jr.'s #1 bestselling The Real Anthony Fauci (which I highly recommend you read if you aren't already aware of the four decades' worth of irrefutably documented corruption; torture and murder of both orphans and beagles in agonizing medical experiments; and cataclysmic conflicts of interest caused by regulatory capture).

All that to say this is the moment for Substack to stand up for freedom, truth, and humanity, and I can think of no better person to signal that stance than Dr. Robert Malone (who will be the next subject featured in my new Profiles in Courage series, BTW).

Thank you for bearing with my diatribe, and I eagerly await a response regarding this request.


I heard back from my support guy right away:

“Your feedback is very much appreciated! We're grateful you care enough to write to us with this request. I've passed this along to our community team.”

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There are NO approved COVID 19 vaccines on the USA market. PERIOD. No entity can mandate experimental treatments as a condition for anything. PERIOD. Title 21 U.S.C., the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention etc.

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Shouldn't they have to at least prove there was a pandemic?

Can you spot the year of the "pandemic?"

2010: world population - 6,843,522,711; world deaths - 54,500,000; percentage of deaths per population - .796%

2011: world population - 7,041,194,301; world deaths - 54,640,000; percentage of deaths per population - .776%

2012: world population - 7,125,828,059; world deaths - 54,840,000; percentage of deaths per population - .769%

2013: world population - 7,210,581,976; world deaths - 55,090,000; percentage of deaths per population - .764%

2014: world population - 7,295,290,765; world deaths - 55,410,000; percentage of deaths per population - .759%

2015: world population - 7,379,797,139; world deaths - 55,822,989; percentage of deaths per population - .756%

2016: world population - 7,464,022,049; world deaths - 56,331,837; percentage of deaths

per population - .754%

2017: world population - 7,547,858,925; world deaths - 56,935,173; percentage of deaths per population - .754%

2018: world population - 7,631,091,040; world deaths - 57,625,149; percentage of deaths per population - .755%

2019: world population - 7,713,468,100; world deaths - 58,394,378; percentage of deaths per population - .757%

2020: world population - 7,794,798,739; world deaths - 59,230,795; percentage of deaths per population - .759%

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Thank you so much for the essential work you and your team are doing on this Aaron!

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Aaron, the way you articulate facts so calmly in the face of these unethical people is inspiring. They wouldn’t be pushing so hard if we didn’t have what they want, which is power!! Thank you again for all you do!!

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This is excellent! If the Supremes are still free of pharma influence there is hope. Big if.

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😭😭 I'm crying, because that is so beautifully worded and written. Makes me wish I had become a lawyer, so I could be "all up in their grill," too. I can't say thank-you enough!

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WOW!! Thank you SO much for ALL of your hard work and for sharing this information with us!! I appreciate you!!

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you are a HERO! thank you

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Thank you very much. As someone who will be impacted by the court's decision I am grateful for your efforts. Including the vaccine's lack of efficacy is reducing transmission is a major point that you included. Thank you for your efforts to protect our constitutional rights. As far as I'm concerned you are Hero.

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Brilliant! Thank you enormously for making irrefutable arguments. I am so grateful for your work.

Two nitpicky suggested edits:

Paragraph 2: Americans' diets, (apostrophe placement), and

several paragraphs down: whose manufacturer (not who's).

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Thank you for this Mr. Siri! I have sent a copy to my brother in ONTARIO, who has to daily do rapid antigen tests, while all "vaccinated" at his workplace do not - it's discriminatory and unscientific. Thank you for the battle you are fighting for so many. We are making progress against the violations of the Charter with vaccine mandates here in Canada, but painfully slowly.

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This was Rockefeller’s wet dream. Corporate communism. Corporations running the world.

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