Mr. Siri, I reviewed the "Highlights of the Prescribing Information" for Menomune, Menactra, and Menquadfi. In addition to the very important points you've made, I was disturbed to find out that none of these vaccines, beginning with Menomune (approved since 1981), were ever evaluated "for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or impairment of fertility.".

And this is forced on children who've entered or about to enter adolescence? And on what basis? On the protection "inferred" by evaluating serum antibody levels.

This is beyond infuriating. Parents wake up!

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Since 15% of the population do not produce antibodies but nevertheless have effective immune response, how can one conclude that antibody detection is equivalent to immunity?

Here’s how it looks to this citizen/taxpayer/consumer: If the vaccine compromises the human microbiome, where the mechanisms of immune response substantially reside, it is reasonable to expect more disease vulnerability among the vaccinated, not less. These would be detected as “breakthrough” events. One might expect the pathogen to be a squatter in the gut of the vaccinated after exposure to the bacteria, but with non-sterilizing capability of the vaccine. Like an illegal alien provided with free services at the expense of the host.

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